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Canon FDn 24mm f/2.8

Lens info

Lens Construction (group) 9
Lens Construction (element) 10
No. of Diaphragm Blades 6
Minimum Aperture f/22
Closest Focusing Distance 0.3 m
Maximum Magnifcation 1:9.1 (0.11x)
Filter Size 52 mm
Maximum Diameter x Length 63 x 43 mm
Weight 240 gr (0.53 lb)
Hood BW-52C
Canon FDn 24mm f/2.8

Overall Score

IQ 8.4 8.4
Build 8.5
Based on 6 reviews

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Has .10+. years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 8.5 8.3
Build 8.0
sharp centre, decent bokeh, close focusing, cheaper than other 24s 
corners never get that sharp, vignetting can be heavy, build quality only ok 
Decent lens for the price and definitely much cheaper than most other legacy offerings at this focal length. Visit ( for a detailed review and image samples and ( for a video sample.


Has 1-2 years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 8.0 8.0
Build 8.0
OK Bokeh, Fast 
Hood, Distortions 
Lightweight and compact. Image distortion is noticeable in some cases in the border of the image. Hood falls down incredibly easy.


Has 6-10 years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 9.0 9.0
Build 9.0
Sharp, Contrast, IQ, nice warm colors 
a little heavy compared to standard NEX lenses 
A while ago I bought a Tokina 24mm f2.8 FD mount, but I was not happy with it: bad contrast, bright spots smeared out, lack of sharpness, cold colors.

I recently bought the FDn 24mm and the difference is huge compared to the Tokina, in a positive way.

I use it with my NEX 5N so it\'s actually a 36mm lens. The color, warmth and contrast is comparable with my Canon FDn 28mm and 35mm lenses, rather nice.

It\'s a little heavy compared to the standard NEX lenses, but not too heavy.

Build quality is very good as most older lenses.


Has 30+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 8.0 8.3
Build 9.0
Sharp, small, good iq., speed, nice color, bokeh ok√© 
Barrel distortion, but easily correteble 
A very nice little lens with good bokeh, much better then the FDn 50 mm F1.4. There is nothing that spoils the fun. I use the 24, 28, 35 mm with a adaptor on a digital Sony nex (* 1.5) . I can use the same suncap on these lenses. F2.8 is fast if you compare it with zooms and for these lenses fast enough.


Has 30+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 9.0 9.0
Build 9.0
Light weight; sharp; low distortion; inexpensive 
No significant disadvantages 
This is a nicely made, solid, light weight lens. Nothing extraordinary here - no exotic glass or aspheric elements or a super-wide aperture. With wide angle lenses, I\'m more often than not interested in obtaining lots of depth of field so, as I\'m usually stopping down quite a bit, a maximum aperture of f2.8 is not a problem. With that sort of specification, no fancy optics are required to get good image quality. This lens delivers. It is largely free of distortion, and images are sharp. What more can one ask for? (Well, OK, a brighter image in the viewfinder would be nice, but I\'m not quite sure that\'s worth paying for in size, weight and cash, at least not for my needs.)


Has 20+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 8.0 8.0
Build 8.0
compact, sharp, low distortion, 52 mm filter thread 
My widest FD to date. A solid performer with good color rendition and very good sharpness. This lens is always with me when I take the old FD stuff around the block.
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