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Vivitar FD 135mm f/2.8 Close Focus Macro

Lens info

Lens Construction (group) -
Lens Construction (element) -
No. of Diaphragm Blades -
Minimum Aperture -
Closest Focusing Distance -
Maximum Magnifcation -
Filter Size -
Maximum Diameter x Length -
Weight -
Hood -

Overall Score

IQ 9.0 8.8
Build 8.5
Based on 1 reviews

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Has 30+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 9.0 8.8
Build 8.5
Sharp, flat field design, great working distance 
Doesn't say Canon on the barrel 
OF all the Vivitars in my collection this is the best. Goes to 1/2 lifesize with just a twist of the barrel. Sweet spot is f/5/6. With it\'s close focusing abillity, not only a terrific bug and butterfly lens, but super for full face type portraits or portraits of kids. This is the 135mm you want for your Canon FD system
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