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Vivitar FD 135mm f/2.8

Lens info

Lens Construction (group) -
Lens Construction (element) -
No. of Diaphragm Blades -
Minimum Aperture -
Closest Focusing Distance -
Maximum Magnifcation -
Filter Size -
Maximum Diameter x Length -
Weight -
Hood -

Overall Score

IQ 8.0 8.3
Build 9.0
Based on 1 reviews

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Has 30+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 8.0 8.3
Build 9.0
Well built, built-in shade, good IQ, cheap, f/2.8 
Heavy, lenscap fits over shade 
Mine is a 28 serial number, built by Komine. Actually, I own several.

Common and really cheap on eBay, under $20 including shipping. Slightly soft (low contrast) wide open, but IQ typical of a good 135mm f/2.8 -- and most 135mm lenses are pretty good. My favorite lens to use on tubes/bellows, IQ that way is better than some macro lenses. Built-in shade is nice. Not light, but compact and very well-built solid metal body.

Only annoyance is that lens cap fits over built-in shade, which makes it bump into any filter when the shade is pushed back.

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